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Cubby Houses are a child’s home away from home. Not only is it a play house, it can also have a slide coming out of it. They also attract neighborhood children. There are lots of cubby house plans for your child. There is no set age on a cubby house. Parents can play too.

Children like to play house and with a cubby house, they can have their own house to take care of. From watering flowers out the window to sweeping the floor, your child will have chores in their own house to complete. This house will keep your children out of your hair instantly for hours, but remember parents you have to knock before you enter.

Cubby houses will attract the neighborhood children. Be prepared once this house is complete, your child will be the most popular on the street. Get prepared to start fixing lots of snacks for the newest house on the block. This is a good factor teaching children how to share their toys.

There are lots of cubby house plans for your child. Remember saftey first. If you have the smaller child and feel they are at risk for falling, you can add safety rails to the cubby house. Use rounded edges instead of sharp points when building. Also beware of holes and timber loving bugs. You have to treat this house as if it is a real house. One type of house is called a fort: an open structure that houses slides, sand boxes, lots of things to keep your child happy.

Another type is the traditional mini house. This house has windows, a front door, and porch where your child can relax in their own home. You can add accessories to this house.

Lastly, the last time is the activity center. This one is very similar to the fort with all kinds of accessories added like a slide and a sand box.

Accessories that you can add to your cubby house are: scramble net, slide, rope, steering wheel, telephone, swing, and much more. There is a cubby house for any type of child, boy, girl, toddler, to the older more adventurous kid,