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For almost a decade from now there have been a high number of properties to sell in Dubai. It was the year 2002 when the government of Dubai passed a new law according to which the foreigners were also given equal right and opportunity to have the ownership of one or more than one property. Right after the announcement of this new rule the real estate market experienced a massive growth in this particular field due to which high rate of investment from all the different corners of the world gather here in Dubai, this huge investment resulted in immense construction projects production of dubai hotel apartments and numerous projects which are today the true symbol of Dubai and represents it.

The marketers were well aware of the development in Dubai and that the reason why they have taken complete advantage of progress resulting in phenomenal responsiveness. As a matter of fact after the year 2002 Dubai has been the golden spot until 2008 whether it was property for sale in dubai in Dubai or rental properties, at that time either direct property selling was involved or the selling was under process by the help of hundreds of agencies under the umbrella of real estate. Observing the 360 degree in the real estate market not only the local marketers got attracted but also the international real estate market got involved in the same and got the highest return.

Now a day’s dubai for rent is a newer concept as there has been lots of new project which are being introduced in the market and most of these are residential projects which are having the primary motive of renting the apartments, providing cheaper hotels and villas on rent along the same traditional luxury and style so that the people would enjoy and the best at the lowest rates.

One of the major attractions both for the marketers and visitors is the Burj Dubai as it is crowned as the tallest building of the world, before the completion of this building all the residences were being sold which determines the great interest of people in owning the most beautiful structures in the world.

However, Burj Dubai is just one example of the many, Dubai is full of such projects and there is no shortage of the ideas, massive structures and innovations in them, it therefore adds to the prestige and reputation of Dubai. Each and every new project of Dubai is full of excellence due to which there will never be any sort of shortage in the Dubai properties or the real estate sector. It does not matter that whether you are an investor or an agent or looking a home for personal use, Dubai properties has something for everyone and the decision taken in the real estate will always prove to a sound one as Dubai is considered at one of the most secure and sound locations from this point of view.